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Manager/Employee self-service tools help enforce leave policy tracking:

Easily enforce absence-related policies, including federal, state, and organization regulations. The system makes it simple to confirm each employee’s eligibility for paid and unpaid leave based on vacation, sick time, and other user-defined criteria. And managers are automatically notified when employees exceed established thresholds to help ensure compliance.

Deliver the right productivity tools to the right people:

Separate hourly and salaried time cards, personalized time-entry records for recording time against projects, full mobile time card functionality, and 508-compliant functions are just some of the ways Accuera™ Timekeeping lets users work their way — whether they’re hourly, salaried or working from a desktop. 

Accuera™ for hourly employees automates time and attendance processes to reduce payroll errors and overtime and boost productivity:


Labor is your most valuable resource and your most controllable expense. But manual employee time and attendance tracking can make it difficult to manage labor expenses or gain visibility into costly trends and activities.


Accuera Hourly Timekeeping is built specifically for reducing payroll errors and costly overtime for hourly employees. It helps improve workforce productivity by reducing manual, time-consuming administrative tasks so your staff can focus on more value-added activities.

Optimize your hourly workforce with features that:

  • Improve the efficiency of major workflows and allow users to accomplish frequent tasks in one click directly from the home page

  • Allow employees and managers to view critical information at a glance through a flexible, intuitive interface

  • Offers users easy visibility into shift, holiday, and time-off information all in a single location

  • Provide hourly workers in the field with mobile access to the same features as their desktop project time card

Break & Lunch Polices:

This powerful feature allows you to add flexible lunch and break polices keeping you in compliance with local or state laws.

You need flexibility and personalization to account for your unique needs. It demands a partner with not only the expertise, but also a shared desire to make your entire payroll system work flawlessly - for you and your people. Finally, there's Time and Attendance expertise that works for you - ACCUERA.


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