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Service Offering:

Implementation Services:

No matter what degree of implementation support you need, we can help.


Accuera Software can configure and implement your workforce management solution, provide consultative assistance to your internal team, or coordinate your implementation with a variety of trusted Systems Integrator.


We can also help you explore the advantages of each option and choose the best approach for your specific time and attendance, leave management, and/or staff scheduling needs.


Each and every implementation project is designed to deliver a complete project including:

  • Solutions designed around your requirements, leveraging our best-practices based delivery model

  • Configuration based upon standard components to ensure the highest quality delivery

  • Extensive testing to ensure that the solution performs as expected

  • Deployment assistance throughout the implemetation and system lifecycle

Application Management Services:

Keeping your workforce management application updated to address ongoing legislative, industry or internal business changes is very important, but also challenging. Accuera can assist your team with our best practice knowledge and our experience with planning, configuring, testing and deploying changes to your application.


 Based on your unique business needs and in-house skillset, we offer a dedicated team to assist in one or more of the following services:

  • Ongoing administration activities of the WorkForce Time and Attendance application or time clocks

  • One-on-one system configuration coaching, including access to the Knowledgebase and webinars

  • Perform all system design, configuration and migration activities required to move new changes into the production environment

  • Assistance with the planning, requirements gathering, testing and deployment of ongoing system changes or enhancements

Custom Feature Development:

Customers often have unique requirements and must-haves that can be key to solution success. Accuera can help customers quickly demonstrate, develop, and incorporate these custom features, differentiating their offering in an impactful way.

Customer Training:

The effectiveness of a solution is impacted if not properly utilized by the end user. Acuuera can assist with training with in-person seminars, formal training, train-the-trainer programs, and extensive documentation to share industry and Accuera best practices.

Change Management:

Accuera Software’s change management service was developed to help organizations like yours achieve successful, smooth transitions when implementing new absence management and time tracking processes. Our team can provide you with expert guidance, a proven roadmap, and customizable tools to help your organization address the human element of change.

The software installation phase is a critical moment of the solution implementation. A smooth launch helps ensure overall project success. Accuera can provide crucial expertise towards problem resolution during this short but important time.

  • Create a structured approach to implementing our solutions

  • Prepare your entire workforce for the required changes

  • Meet employees’ needs with easy-to-use self-service tools

  • Increase employee adoption and achieve lasting benefits                                                                                                                

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