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The Best Payroll Solution


The payroll processing Module allows you to create rules that exist in your organization, and define your business logic for earnings, deductions, bonuses, arrears, leave, and attendance, taxes, statutory requirements, and other important areas. The payroll engine is created to compute complex payroll easily, thus providing correct payroll computation, and is easy to use.

Now automate your Payroll with the best Payroll Module —- Accuera Payroll., Simple to use, generate pay slips online.

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Unlimited salary structures, unlimited salary components

One of the most important payroll tasks is designing salary structures for all employees. The hallmark of our online payroll software is the flexibility to define unlimited income and deduction components making it as good as a custom payroll software for you. All size of businesses and business types have special payroll requirements and our adept cloud-based payroll software in India can cater to every organization.


Accuera Payroll is a cutting edge Web-based Time Attendance software & Payroll report, which provided a stable communication for devices through GPRS/WAN, hence, users can access to the software anywhere by their Web Browser to remotely manage hundreds of T&A terminals under complex network condition (WLAN).


A new launched Automatic Synchronization function, data will be automatically synchronized between devices and sever among the same “Area”. Under its brand new user friendly UI, managing Timetable, Shift, Schedule, generating Attendance Report and major Payroll details are no longer challenges. On just one click can get Salary details with various types of bifurcation such PF , ESIC , TDS , OT details … and so on.

Save The Time For The Real Work

With Accuera cloud software you can export all reports to most of payroll software in minutes.

  • Stay in compliance with labor laws by applying overtime policies

  • Alerts that notify you before going into extra working hours zone

  • Eliminate the need to calculate paid time off

  • Enjoy real-time visibility of time & attendance data

  • late in / out

  • daily and weekly overtime tracking

  • Holiday management is easy

  • Fast and easy way to fix forgotten punches by employees (By adding manual punch)

  • Improve employee productivity

  • Avoids the hassle of auditing paper

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