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Multidoor Access Controller:


2 door access controller
fingerprint reader
fingerprint reader
Exit Button

Kit Includes:
• 1 pc INBIO-260 panel, power supply and metal cabinet
• 4 pc Slave Fingerprint and Prox Card reader, IP-65 rated
• 2 pc PTE-1Exit Button
• 1 pc USB Enrollment Fingerprint Reader


INBIO carries out the matching of fingerprints on the panel, itself. The FR Series of readers (Not included in this package) transmit fingerprint templates to INBIO via RS-485 for fast and accurate matching with templates stored in a data-base.
INBIO controllers install easily on your network and support both TCP/IP and RS-485 communication.
Auto-discovery tool allows setting and modification of network parameters directly and

 INBIO panels stores up to 3,000 fingerprint templates, 30,000 card users, and up to 100,000 events/transactions.

 INBIO is backed up in real-time to an on-board SD card. Data is preserved if power is lost.
INBIO continues to operate if network connection is interrupted. Along with relay contacts for
controlling door locks, easily programmable auxiliary relays can be used for additional control and
interface to lights, alarms, annouciators, intrusion detection panels, or even extra locking devices
or gate controllers.


INBIO controllers come in three sizes to suit project needs and reduce the cost of unused capacity. (This package is for 2-door controller / Inbio 260)
1-door, 2-door, and 4-door models can be mixed and matched in optimized system architecture.


Anti-Passback, First-Card Opening, Multi-Card Opening, Duress Password Entry, and
Auxiliary Input/Output Linkages are built into the INBIO controller’s firmware.


C3- 200 doors TCP/IP RFID card access control panel system control board with power supply box

TCP/IP RFID card access control panel

• Model Number: AC3-200
• Card capacity:30000
• Log capacity:100000
• Type: Card reader
• Communication: TCP/IP RS232/485
• is customizable: Yes

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