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Next Generation 
Time & Attendance Software

Time is Precious


Spend your time working, not tracking.


“I thinks it may be time we upgrade our Timekeeping System“

With “Accuera” track your employees' time, attendance and absenteeism to increase employee efficiency and productivity.

Mobile clock in / out


•Very easy interface for clock in / out from anywhere , anytime.


• Using job or charge code hours are properly accounted.

GPS  Tracking using Geo location


• Track geo location of employee and manager can review how many hours he spent to specific  customer / client location.


• Helps also to calculate mileage between locations

Cloud based Application

Application is cloud based


•We provide 24 * 7 support 


•Easy to manage for management


•Automatically calculate employee accrued / cash outstanding balance of leave
•Manage and calculate paid time off wages and unpaid time off wages based on rules of client.

•Employees can be managed by shift

•It helps in scheduling   and plan resources in optimize manner

•Allows rounding up / down

•Early clock in/out rule for simplicity

•Manage  paid holidays

Overtime Calculation

•Automatically calculate regular wages,  overtime based on the hours worked

•Day basis

•Week basis

•Bi-Weekly basis

•Monthly basis

• Scan &  upload receipts through Mobile to expense reports.

•Submit receipts for approval

•Manager able to review, approve/reject

•Go Paperless.

•Performance Appraisal :


•The process of evaluating how well employees perform their jobs when compared to set of standards, and then communicating the information to  employees.


•A process typically performed annually by a supervisor for a subordinate , designed to help employees understand their roles, objectives , expectations and performance success and guide future Training sessions   to improve employee skills.

Manage Job / Charge cost: 


Application accounted all the hours based on charge / job code and it tied with GL account code and segment code which helps in government organizations.

Earnings with Job cost report:

Payroll & Statutory Compliance:

•Automatically generate employee contribution as well as employer contribution based on the parameter being setup in master.

•It can be very easily customize for specific country

• Calculate PF, ESIC, taxes, other deductions etc

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