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  • Wifi Device, Face + Finferprint Reader + RFID Card Reader
  • Multibiometric Option (Face + Finger)
  • Cloud based Software with affordable monthly subscription (Optional)
  • Free desktop software

AUF100 Face + Finger +Card + Wifi Device

SKU: 364115376135191
  • UF100 is a face identification T&A terminal with face, Finger and PIN recognition modes. With the latest face identification algorithm and streamlined technology. It can hold 400 face and 1,000 Finger templates , 10000 Card without dividing into groups and complete verification in less than 1 second. Log Capacity: 100000 Communicating via TCP/IP, and USB clien/host, it can ensure a smooth connection and data transfer. It has been elaborately designed and finely processed to match your slap-up office perfectly elegant ergonomic design. TCP/IP, and USB client/host communication. 2.8-inch color screen, T9 Input, and 9 Digit User ID. Infra-red optical system enables user-identification in poorly lit environment. Optional RFID/Mifare card module. Professional face identification algorithm.

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