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ACCUERA Product Features: 

Whether you are a growing small company or a large organization present across India, Accuera’s time and attendance system helps you track attendance of every employee accurately, improve workforce allocation efforts, calculate accurate payroll and achieve better compliance.

Compitible with multiple time tracking devices :

The devices used to track attendance may vary across organizations. Some organizations use access cards while others use biometric and some may even use multiple devices, different device for each office. Accuera’s time and attendance is compatible with most of the time tracking devices.


               Shift Management :

The solution offers the flexibility to configure various time rules for a shift roster such as shift time in and out, grace period, shift types, breaks, and allowances and assign to various employee groups.


 Flexible time rules for employee groups:

Apart from time rules for shifts, you can configure varied number of time rules including many overtime rules. Time rules such as exempting senior management from attendance, work from home option, or additional hours compensated with compensation or compensatory off can be configured.

 leave and holiday roster:

Our time and attendance solution allows organizations to create leave and holiday rosters for different employee groups and map the employees of that group to the respective leave and holiday rosters for accurate attendance tracking.


 Detailed & all-encompassing reports:

Comprehensive reports will help you get an understanding of the performance of your organization and improve productivity of your workforce. You will be able to get in-depth analysis as to whether various time rules applied are effective and change them accordingly to minimize expenditure and maximize workforce productivity.


 Employee benefits:

We at ACCUERA understand your need to create better workplace flexibility and boost employees’ morale thereby leading to less absenteeism and higher levels of engagement and productivity.


Integrated with payroll:

Integrating time and attendance with payroll makes it an effective workforce management tool. You would be able to accurately calculate payroll based on attendance and performance of the employees.

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